What is a Septic Tank?


When To Have Your Hot Water Heater Serviced

A critical appliance for any home is the hot water heater. It’s an appliance often ignored, but when it breaks down, it will disrupt the routine of your household as you try to do without hot water until the problem is fixed. Instead of waiting for the appliance to completely break down, have the unit […]

Have Kids? 4 Steps To Prevent Clogged Toilets

If you have children, it’s hard to tell what they’re going to put in the toilets. Unfortunately, some of the things they’ll flush down the toilet will lead to clogs, which means you’re going to be faced with some messy situations. While you can’t stop all clogs, you can help reduce the number of incidents […]

Your First Apartment With A Boiler System

If you’ve lived in places with forced air heating your whole life, then you may feel a bit confused and overwhelmed when you move into an apartment with radiators. There’s no blowing air when the heat kicks on, and the hissing and gurgling noises the system makes seem utterly foreign. In time, you’ll get used […]

Three Natural Sources Of Well Water Contamination

Your well water can become contaminated due to human activity—like improper fertilizer usage or poorly maintained septic tanks—but it’s also possible for the contamination to occur naturally. While naturally occurring contaminants aren’t anyone’s fault, they’re still a very serious problem for anyone who drinks or bathes in the well water. Here are three natural sources […]

When You Lose Things In The Plumbing

Losing jewelry down the sink or toilet is horrifying no matter what type of plumbing system you have. Maybe it fell off the edge of the sink or somehow slipped off your finger and into the toilet. If you are lucky, your ring or another item can be retrieved, either by you or by a […]