3 Ways To Cool Your Home In An Energy Efficient Manner


As the summer heats up, you might notice your energy costs going up with it. Unfortunately, keeping cool during the summer can result in higher energy bills and wear and tear on your heating and cooling system. To help you keep your home cool without sacrificing all of your utility budget, here are some tips to efficiently use your system.

Seal the Ducts

Your heating and cooling ducts are responsible for funneling cooled air throughout your home. Unfortunately, the ducts can also be responsible for significant loss of cooled air. If the ducts are not properly sealed, cooled air could be escaping them, which pushes the heating and cooling system to work harder. As a result, your energy bills could spike. 

To prevent this, you need to check out your ducts. Use duct sealant to close up noticeable gaps in the ducts. You should also apply the sealant to the seams where the ducts connect. To do this, you might have to follow the ducts through your attic, basement, garage, and crawlspace. If you are unable to, call in your HVAC technician.

Consider Buying a New System

The idea of buying an entirely new heating and cooling system might seem counterproductive to saving money, but it actually can help. If you have a system that is older than 10 years old, it is not as efficient as the systems that are currently available. 

Newer model systems are more energy efficient and are equipped with energy ratings to help you determine just how much money you can save. Before buying a new system, talk to your HVAC technician. He or she can help assess your heating and cooling needs so that you can pick the right size system for your home. 

Be Smart About Your Thermostat Settings

Some homeowners have a habit of turning down the thermostat to really cold temperatures. When you do this, your home is not getting cooler faster. What you are really doing is pushing your heating and cooling system to work longer to maintain the cold temperature. Your thermostat should always be set at a cool temperature that is reasonable. 

To help regulate your system, consider installing a programmable thermostat. The thermostat can automatically adjust temperatures throughout the day to the ideal temperatures. This helps to ensure your system is operating efficiently. 

There are many other ways you can get your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently. Talk to an HVAC technician from a company like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for suggestions and to schedule regular maintenance of your system.


25 August 2015

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