Have Funny-Tasting Tap Water? What To Know


Does something taste funny when you get water out of the sink, and you've noticed that some of your clothes or appliances are staining? If so, it sounds like you have a problem with the water in your home and how pure it is when it comes through the lines. It doesn't matter if you have city water or well water, there could be a variety of hard minerals that could be causing the staining. Here are some actions you want to take to get rid of the bad tastes and water stains.

Pipe Cleaning

Accumulated sediment along the pipes could be causing the water to taste bad, it could be causing stains, and it could be causing problems with your water pressure. The plumbers can clean the pipes so water flows without any obstructions and to remove all the minerals and other debris that is causing water concerns throughout the house. They can also inspect for needed repairs and others problems when they clean the pipes.

Water Purification Services

A company that specializes in creating pure drinking water, like Water-Pro, can come to your property to do an assessment. They will test the water to see what is causing the foul smells and tastes, and then they can install a new water purification system to eliminate these toxins from the water. This means the water will be clear and healthy when it comes out of the faucet. You may need a system where the water enters the home or near the faucets.

Hot Water Tank Flush or Replacement

Replace the hot water tank with a tankless unit so you don't have to worry about build up in the tank, or have your old hot water heater flushed out. The flushing will help to remove hard minerals that stick when the water passes through the tank and is being heated, and this can help when it comes to heating the water as well. A newer unit may be a better investment because of the efficiency benefits.

Don't keep drinking water wondering if there is something wrong with it. You don't want to find out that your water has too much iron and it's staining things throughout the house, or that it has lead or other poisonous toxins you shouldn't be drinking. Get an inspection, have the necessary plumbing and appliances cleaned, and install a purification system to make the water healthy and safe.


3 June 2016

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