Is It Possible For Summer Temperatures To Harm Your Plumbing?


When people think about summer-related issues that merit calling an expert, the air conditioner tends to be the first thing that comes to mind. What some homeowners do not realize is that summer temperatures can have a pretty negative impact on plumbing as well. In fact, here are a few ways the summer temperatures could be hurting your plumbing.

Backyard Parties Result In Clogs

For most people in the United States, summertime means more barbecues, cookouts, and family reunions. More opportunities for you to invite people over, spend time outside, and enjoy the warm weather. The problem with all of these extra guests visiting your home is your plumbing pipes are going to get a lot more usage than what they are used to. In fact, emergency plumbers are often called after a party, reunion, or cookout because a sink or toilet got clogged. If the clog isn't too bad, boiling water to dump down the drain or using drain cleaner from the store may be enough to fix the problem. Otherwise, a plumber is the next best solution.

The family reunions and backyard parties can also result in a backed up garbage disposal. This happens as the rice, corn, pasta, bread, and meat scraps get tossed down the garbage disposal with nowhere to go. While boiling water and using chemical drain cleaner can also help with this problem, these methods will only usually help of the clog is minor. In most cases, your sink needs to be taken apart so the pipes and disposal can be cleaned out.

Pool, Sprinkler, and Garden Hose Stress

Most homeowners associate leaky pipes with the winter months. The temperatures drop, the pipes freeze, and then the pipes burst and/or crack, resulting in a leak. While this is all very true, pipes can leak in the summer months too. During the summer, you may have a pool, a garden hose, and even a sprinkler constantly demanding more and more water from your plumbing. This demand puts your pipes under a lot of stress, and this extra stress can cause the pipes to crack and leak.

Lack of Rain Strain

The lack of rain during a hot summer is not good for the ground under your home. As the ground starts to dry, it can cause the main water line to crack. This results in a water leak which can result in expensive water damage to the foundation of your home.

Prevent your plumbing from being as exposed to summer heat as you can. This means keeping your home cool and comfortable as well as investing in insulated pipes. If you are still concerned, consider having a plumber come inspect your plumbing to make sure everything is structurally sound.


19 September 2016

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