Four Reasons To Call A Plumber For A Clogged Drain


When you experience a stopped up drain, you may want to fix the problem yourself, and there are a few ways to go about it. But it is best to call a plumber to unclog your drain. The following are four reasons this is a good idea.

A plumber will clean the entire drain line

It is possible that you can correct the problem with a product found at your local supermarket, but if it works, this will usually be a temporary solution. A plumber will use a long coil that rotates as it moves through the pipe. On the end of the oil is a bulb shaped object that scrapes the inside of the pipe. A plumber will push this coil through the length of the pipe and pull it back to insure your drain pipe is clean.

Replacement parts are readily available

If there is a problem with your trap underneath the sink, such as a leak, a plumber can replace this after unclogging the drain. Sometimes a plumber will clean the drain pipe from underneath the sink if the vent on the roof is not easy to access. New washers for your trap will also be used. Plumbers carry a wide range of common parts with them, so everything can be done with a single visit to your home. In addition, the correct part will be used for your drains.

The right technique will be used

Plumbers do not use chemicals or plungers to clear a clogged pipe, but instead use the rotor cable as their main tool. However, this is not always effective. In some cases, the stoppage will consist of soft material, and it is difficult to permanently clear the drain even with a thorough cleaning. The soft material can be cleared using a pressure hose. Although effective, this is a technique that should be done by professionals. If a plumber believes that this technique needs to be used, it will be done correctly. In the hands of an amateur, it is easy to create flooding issues in your home.

A plumber can pinpoint the problem

Sometimes a homeowner knows exactly where the problem is, but at other times, the location of the problem can be deceptive. You need to know exactly where the problem is, so you can clean the correct drain pipe.

One of the best things about a professional plumber is that they guarantee their work. This is true even with drain cleaning. So on the off chance that the stoppage comes back, you need only call for a second cleaning free of charge. When you call a plumber, they will get the job done and do so to a higher standard than you can yourself.


21 September 2016

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