A Few Common Drain-Cleaning Questions Answered


Taking caring of the drains in your home is essential for helping ensure that your plumbing system continues to work as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, it can be fairly common for new homeowners to have a limited understanding about this aspect of maintaining the house. To help you be better prepared when it concerns your home's plumbing, you should keep the following few drain questions and answers in mind.

Why Should You Rinse the Drains with Hot Water?

One of the more effective ways that you can help protect your drains and pipes from clogs is to regularly rinse the drains with almost-boiling water. Many clogs will form because a sticky residue can start to accumulate on the interior of the pipes. This residue will trap materials as they flow through the pipes, and this can eventually cause clogs to develop. When you rinse the drains with extremely hot water, this sticky residue will be dissolved, and this can help eliminate the risk of clogs.

How Can You Combat Foul Odors from Your Garbage Disposal?

Your kitchen's garbage disposal may greatly reduce the hassle of doing your dishes. However, it is a reality that garbage disposals can start to have foul smells, and this may attract gnats or other insects. Luckily, it is fairly easy to address foul odors with the use of baking soda and apple-cider vinegar. When combined these two substances create an intense fizzing reaction that will help to remove any decaying food that is contributing to the odor. Apple-cider vinegar has a pleasant scent of spiced apples, and this odor can help to counteract any lingering smells that may remain. For best results, you should clean your garbage disposal using this approach at least once a month.

What Are the Steps for Addressing a Completely Clogged Drain?

Eventually, your home will experience a drain that seems to be almost completely clogged. In addition to being extremely disruptive to your home, this problem can also lead you to use harmful chemical clog removers that may weaken the integrity of your plumbing pipes. Rather than using these chemicals to break up clogs, you should take a trip to your local hardware or home supply store to invest in a drain snake. These tools can be inserted in your pipes, where they can break up or remove severe clogs. While a drain snake will be more expensive than a bottle of chemical clog remover, it is reusable, which will make this the more economical solution over the long-term.

If you can't clean out your drains on your own, then call a drain-cleaning service near you. 


22 September 2016

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