About the Problems of a Gas Water Heater


Does your gas hot-water heater not produce hot water as it once did? Several areas of a gas water heater can lead to it becoming problematic. You will either need to get a problematic part on the heater repaired or replace it altogether. Below, you will discover some of the types of problems that can lead to a gas water heater not functioning as well as it should.

A Low Level of Gas Makes It to the Heater

One of the possible things that can cause a water heater to malfunction is when it receives an insufficient amount of gas. The main area that should be inspected in such a case is the gas line. If there is a leak in the gas line, your house can be at risk of an explosion. A contractor might need to patch up any holes that are in the gas line. If repairs cannot be made, the line must be replaced as soon as possible for your safety.

The Burner Is No Longer in Good Shape

The burner is one of the main areas of a gas water heater that connects the pilot to the gas. It is possible that gas is making into the burner, but no flame is being ignited. The possible cause of the problem is that the burner has accumulated a lot of dirt. A contractor might simply need to remove the dirt so the burner can properly ignite a flame. If dirt isn't the problem, the burner could be old and full of rust, which would mean that the burner will need to be replaced.

Something Is Wrong with the Gas Valve

The gas valve must be in good shape in order for your water heater to work as it should. If the valve is broken, it is not likely allowing a sufficient amount of gas to flow through to the burner. Keep in mind that it is also possible that the valve simply needs to be adjusted to allow more gas to flow through. Someone in your house may have turned it down to a low level.

The Pilot Does Not Stay Ignited

It is impossible for a gas water heater to produce hot water when there is no pilot flame. If the pilot does not stay ignited, it might be time to get it replaced. For instance, the orifice may be worn out and not allowing a flame to come through. Talk to a plumber such as Alexander's Plumbing And Pumps to find out what has gone wrong with your gas water heater.


26 September 2016

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