What Can You Do To Keep Your Air Conditioner Condenser Free From Leaves This Fall?


A buildup of leaves in your air-conditioner condenser can result in dirt and organic debris clogging the fins and the coils inside your condenser. Your A/C condenser relies on good air flow in order to expel hot air from your home. Without good air flow, your air conditioner will work harder than necessary to cool your home. Over time, this could result in break downs and visits from the air-conditioning repair service in your area. Keeping your air-conditioner condenser free of leaves can help you avoid repair charges.

What can you do to keep your air-conditioner condenser free from leaves this fall?

You can start by keeping leaves and dry brush out of the vicinity of the unit. If you landscaped the area around your air conditioner this summer, that landscaping may now be drying up and producing dead leaves. Cut down any dry, dead brush in the area and throw it away or throw it in the compost pile. Rake up leaves from nearby trees soon after they fall to prevent the leaves from blowing into the condenser. Pull weeds from the garden bed around the unit.

Even if you  work hard to keep dead and dry leaves from blowing into the condenser, you may still find that the interior of the condenser gets dirty with time. To clean it out, cut the power to the air conditioner and unscrew the lid of the condenser. Use a shop vacuum to suck out any dry leaves and debris from inside the condenser. Inspect the coils to determine whether or not they're covered in grime, and if they are, spray the coils with coil cleaner and rinse. Follow the coil-cleaner manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you're using the cleaner properly. Finally, spray the inside of the condenser with a strong jet of water from a hose to flush out the remaining dirt. When you're done, screw back on the lid to the condenser and restore power to the air conditioner.

How often should you clean out leaves from the air-conditioner condenser?

You should clean out the leaves from your air-conditioner condenser annually. You can do this either in the fall after the majority of the leaves have fallen from the trees or the following spring after the winter thaw. Just note that waiting until spring could make the job harder, as the leaves will have been clinging to the parts of your air-conditioner condenser for many months. To find out more about cleaning out your air condenser or to have your air conditioner condenser cleaned by a professional, contact an air-conditioner repair person in your area by visiting sites such as http://calldoctorfixit.com.


26 September 2016

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