The Simple Solution For Eliminating Tree Roots In Sewer Lines Defined


Do you suspect that you have tree roots growing in your sewer line? Perhaps you have done a bit of online research, or you may have been given advice from a trusted friend or family member who "knows about these type of things." If there is a blockage in your sewer line, there are a number of things that could be causing it. Examples of other things that can cause blockages are grease and bellied pipes. Unfortunately, all of these things may exhibit the same symptoms such as drains that slowly release water or toilets that do not flush properly. The following are a few things that can be done to correct sewer line issues that are caused by tree roots. 

Contact a plumber

Plumbers can be used as a resource to determine the exact nature of your sewer line issues. They can fix the issue for you too if you want them to. Some people may not have the money to pay for eradicating tree roots from their sewer lines immediately. These individuals can rely on do-it-yourself measures to temporarily correct their issues, and plumbers can make suggestions about what things are helpful. Plumbers (like those at Optimum Plumbing LLC) can use sophisticated technology that does not involve digging to determine if tree roots are the issue. Their video inspections can save you time and resources that may be wasted by attempting to dig for clues yourself. Also, keep in mind that digging can be detrimental since there are gas lines, cable lines, and other utility-related devices implanted underground. 

Attempt mechanical augering

You can try to use an auger to break through tree roots in your sewer lines. This is not something that will be  beneficial as a long-term fix. The tree roots that are broken into bits by the auger will eventually heal and begin to grow again. Keep in mind that sometimes tree roots invade sewer lines to the point that they cause extensive damage to pipes. You may not be able to temporarily fix this type of issue with an auger because the pipe structures are damaged. A plumber will need to correct the tree root issue, which will be followed up with replacing the affected pipes. 

Use rock salt if needed

If your pipes are not damaged and augering is a good temporary fix, you can stunt the growth of the tree roots by using rock salt. The process involves flushing salt down your toilet. Salt will dry out moisture from the tree roots. Keep in mind that tree roots are attracted to sewer lines because they are seeking a water supply. You will need to routinely perform this process until you can afford to pay a plumber to fix the tree roots issue. If you try to use the rock salt method without including a plumber, ensure that you understand salt is toxic to plants, and it is possible to kill trees if you use too much salt. 


30 September 2016

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