When To Have Your Hot Water Heater Serviced


A critical appliance for any home is the hot water heater. It's an appliance often ignored, but when it breaks down, it will disrupt the routine of your household as you try to do without hot water until the problem is fixed. Instead of waiting for the appliance to completely break down, have the unit serviced when you experience any of these 3 problems.

The Water Is Not Getting Hot Enough

Do you have to run your shower for a long time in the morning for the water to feel warm enough to finally jump in? It's a clear sign that there is a problem with the hot water heater. For instance, the thermostat that controls the water temperature could be broken, and it is not relaying the right temperature to the tank's heating element. The heating element itself may be failing and not getting the water to the desired temperature. Have this problem sorted out by a plumber before your hot water heater loses the ability to heat the water.

The Tank Is Making Very Loud Noises

A hot water heater that's in good condition will run silently. When you hear odd sounds, like loud banging, it means there's a problem with the tank. Usually, it is because sediment has built up inside the tank.

Sediment gets in the tank through your main water source, and it is a normal household problem. The sediment causes the tank's heating element to work harder than it has to in order to do its job, which will cause the tank's heating element to have a shorter lifespan. The banging is caused by the sediment moving in the tank when water inside gets hot, and it is a sign that you've neglected the problem for too long.

You can service the tank yourself by draining the water from it. By opening the pressure relief valve at the top of the tank, it will let the water flow out through the water release outlet at the bottom. The sediment should come out along with the hot water.

The Tank Is Leaking

An obvious problem will be when the tank has a leak anywhere along the tank's bottom or side. It's a sign that rust has eaten through the tank and that it needs to be completely replaced. Ignoring the problem could lead to a big mess as the tank empties all the water onto the floor. You are better off having a plumber confirm that the tank cannot be repaired, and then move forward with the replacement of your hot water heater.


30 September 2016

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