5 Ideas To Add Elegance To Your Wedding Portable Restroom Rental


Planning an outdoor wedding is not without its challenges. You have to be prepared for inclement weather, and finding the right venue that will accommodate all your needs, such as electricity, can be difficult. Portable restroom facilities are another concern, and thankfully, many sanitation service rentals now offer more than the standard one-piece molded plastic shell. Instead, deluxe models, complete with premium hardwood flooring, porcelain sinks, toilets, urinals, LED lighting, and oak vanities and trim throughout will make your rustic outdoor wedding feel like a black-tie affair. You can even rent models that have attached dressing rooms, ensuring the bride and her bridesmaids can get ready onsite in style.

You have invested much time and expense planning the perfect theme, wedding colors, and décor, so don't forget to added your special touches to the mobile potty rental trailer, too. Here are five ideas to make the restroom facilities feel just as festive as the rest of the venue.

Decorate The Outside

Who says a portable restroom can't look celebratory? Add a welcome mat outside the door. Flank the doorway with large potted plants with lush foliage, festooned with ribbons in your bridal party colors. Hang a flowered wreath from the door. This will prevent your guests from being apprehensive about using a portable toilet.

Add Mirrors

Your guests will want to make sure they look their very best for your big day and the photographers. Hang a small, lightweight mirror inside each unit that will allow them to do a quick hair and makeup check. Be sure to adorn the frame with some sparkly sequins and bling.

Hang Pictures

String battery-operated lights or simply twine lights around the perimeter of the interior of the portable restroom. Use miniature clothespins to hang your favorite 4x6 photographs of you and your betrothed.

Provide Hooks

Let's face it, no matter how nice the portable restroom trailer rental is, no one wants to put their purse or suit coat on the floor. Hang damage-free adhesive hooks on the back of each door and a hook convenient to the toilet area to make taking care of business more enjoyable.

Offer A Restroom Refresher Basket

Most portable restrooms have a convenient corner shelf. Fill a small wicker basket with a trial-size hairspray, a bottle of aspirin, some tampons, a few bandages, lotion, disposable combs, extra bobby pins, and breath mints. This way your guests will feel comfortable if any mini-crises should arise.


3 April 2017

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