3 Reasons Why New Homeowners Should Have Their Sewer Lines Cleaned ASAP


Have you recently moved into a new home? Did you get the plumbing checked out before you bought the place? Although it's a good idea to do so, it's not uncommon for people to buy a home without having the entire plumbing system inspected beforehand. Although this can work out fine in the end, sometimes it turns out that there is an issue of some sort that needs to be fixed in order for you to live comfortably. One big thing that you may want to consider having done as soon as possible is to have your sewer line cleaned out. There are a variety of advantages to doing so.

Prevent clogs: Since you can't know what the previous occupants of the home put down their drains, a sewer cleaning is the best way to prevent sudden sewer line clogs that could happen not long after moving in. You shouldn't take the fact that things work fine now as a sign that they will continue to work fine in the future. For instance, it's possible that the previous occupants flushed baby wipes and other so-called flushable wipes down the toilet. These can snag on small imperfections in the line, causing a buildup of sewage solids over time. Cleaning the line out now will prevent this from happening.

Estimated lifespan: All items have a finite lifespan. For some things, such as certain types of furniture, this useful lifespan may be measured in generations, but it still exists. The lifespan of a sewer line tends to be measured in decades, but this can be reduced by harsh chemicals, tree roots, or other factors. A sewer cleaning and inspection will allow your plumber to check to see if there is any damage to the line and, if so, approximately how long you have until the line must be repaired or replaced.

Prevent odors: A sewer line that is clogged, even if it is only partially clogged, can result in a bad smell inside of your home. With nowhere else for the sewer gasses to go, they will go up your drains and cause your bathroom or kitchen to stink. Sometimes, this can be the first and only sign for some time that you are in need of a sewer cleaning. Getting your sewer line cleaned out now will help to prevent the issue from becoming even more serious and will prevent this type of bad odor in your home.

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2 May 2018

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