3 Reasons to Get a Drain Inspection Every Year


Most clogs that form in drains do not form instantly. Instead, it often takes months for a drain to become blocked enough that water cannot get through the line. If you experience a lot of drain clogs in your home and are tired of calling a company for drain-cleaning services all the time, you should consider handling this situation a different way. The best way to handle it is by hiring a drain-cleaning company to perform a drain inspection every year, and here are three reasons you should consider doing this.

The Inspection Locates Problems Before They Become Major Issues

One of the top perks of getting a plumbing drain inspection is that it will help you locate problems before they actually become problems. If, for example, there is an area in a drainpipe that is building up debris, it might still allow water to flow through at this point. Unfortunately, though, it might not for much longer. If this the case, the inspection would reveal this issue before it becomes a major problem, and the plumber could fix the problem right away.

Getting an Inspection Helps You Save Time, Money, and Headaches

A drain inspection is often conducted with a camera system that a plumber inserts into the drainpipes in your home. This camera can locate any potential issue within the pipes, including issues with tree roots in your yard. Because of this, getting an inspection will help you save time, money, and headaches. If you clear your lines annually and take care of all minor issues, you will probably never end up with a drain that is completely clogged. A completely clogged drain can prevent you from using your plumbing system and can be a complete nightmare.

Maintenance of Plumbing Systems Is Always Better than Repairs

The other thing to realize is that when anything you own, it is always better to focus on maintenance of the system rather than to only address issues when they become problems. Your car is a good example of this, but your plumbing system is too. Taking care of the maintenance issues each year will help you prevent problems and choosing to maintain your system yearly is one of the best things you can do for your plumbing system.

If you are tired of dealing with clogged drains all the time, get your plumbing system inspected each year. You can do this by contacting a plumbing company such as Equisure Inspectors.


19 June 2019

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