What To Do If A Pipe Bursts And Your House Floods


Flooding is a nightmare for any homeowner. The amount of damage interior flooding can cause is catastrophic. However, flooding isn't solely caused by natural disasters. A leaking or burst pipe can cause your house to fill with water. Here are four steps you should follow if you fall prey to flooding cause by a damaged pipe:

1. Remove vital belongings from the danger zone.

A damaged pipe can soak your house very quickly, depending on the size of the leak. If you have electronics, important documents, or other valuables near the source of the leak, you should remove them as quickly as possible. Pick up anything that can be ruined by water damage and move it away from the danger zone. Take care of this as fast as possible because you still need to stymie the source of the water.

2. Turn off the water to your house.

You may not have a lot of advance warning before a pipe bursts, so it's important that you have a plan. Make sure you know where the water shutoff valve is located in your home. In many houses, it's located outside, but some people may have it in the basement. If your house is flooding due to a damaged pipe, you'll need to cut off the water supply by closing the water shutoff valve. This will staunch the flow of water. However, you will be unable to use your faucets or toilets until you turn it back on.

3. Call an emergency plumber.

Call an emergency plumber right away so they can repair the cause of your flooding. If the damaged pipe is easily accessible, the plumber will simply need to perform a repair job. If the pipe that burst is located in your walls, the job becomes more complicated. Your plumber will first need to identify the location of the damaged pipe so they can repair or replace the broken piece. They may need to cut through your drywall in order to do this. Make sure to call a plumbing contractor who specializes in emergency situations, since they will be available to help you at any time of day, even on short notice.

4. Do your best to control the spread of the water.

The emergency plumber will come to assist you as soon as possible. Until then, do your best to contain the flooding. Use towels and other linens to try to soak up as much water as possible. Flooding can quickly damage your floor and walls, causing them to warp, so try to minimize the amount of contact these surfaces have with water.


5 September 2019

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