Heat Pump Water Heaters: Are They A Good Investment?


Water heaters can be blamed for roughly 18 percent of your home's energy use. With that figure in mind, it is easy to take a look at your power bill and decide that you need to do something to change that number. Some homeowners will start turning off their hot water heater when it is not in use. Others will lower the temperature a few degrees to bring down that energy-usage percentage a bit. However, if you are a forward-thinking homeowner, you will probably start looking at the other types of water heaters that are more modern and more efficient. A heat pump water heater is a good example. 

Heat pump water heaters harness heat energy that is free. 

Thermal energy is free for the taking. But you have to have the right kind of system to collect it, and that is exactly what a heat pump can do. Air-source heat pumps are designed to take in air, funnel out the heat that is needed, and then use that heat energy to heat the water or heat your home. The process is a little more complicated, but that is the basic idea of how these units work. So it is easy to understand with that knowledge why they are such an efficient appliance. 

Heat pump water heaters can be used to generate heat as well as hot water. 

You can get an open-source heat pump water heater if you prefer, and this unit can be advantageous for more than one reason. The water heater can actually help heat your home using the extra energy that the system harvests from the air and from heated water that is not in use. You can get one of these units, place it in your basement, and get both hot water and enough heat to keep the space warm. 

Heat pump water heaters can be costly but are totally worth it. 

You may be a little surprised to see that a heat pump water heater is a bit higher priced than the typical tank version, but you have to remember that these water heaters have essentially two systems. They not only have a water tank that houses water that can be heated with electricity if needed, but they also have a heat pump unit. Therefore, the price is naturally going to be higher. The added cost is well worth the savings you will reap in the end. 

Contact a plumber to learn more about heat pump water heaters.


25 November 2019

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