Three Reasons Your Waste May Not Go Down The Toilet And What You Can Do To Solve The Problem


When you flush your toilet, you expect that the waste will go down the toilet and disappear. However, if the waste does not flush and/or the water starts to fill up in the bowl, you may be wondering what to do next. The actions you take will vary based on the reason why your toilet may be clogged or not flushing. Here are a few common reasons why your waste may not go down and what you can do to solve the issue:

Your Toilet Itself is Clogged

One of the reasons why your toilet may clog is because there is something stuck in the actual base or shaft of your toilet. Your child may have flushed a toy down, there may be a feminine hygiene product stuck, or paper towels that should never have been flushed may be causing the clog. If you know what the item is that is causing the clog, and it is a solid item, you may be able to insert your hand into the hole in the toilet and remove the item. If you suspect waste is causing the clog, a plumbing snake may help to break up the item so you can flush your toilet. 

You Have a Blockage In Your Sewer Line

Another common reason why your waste may not go down the toilet when you flush the toilet is because you have a blockage in your sewer line. There are many reasons why you may have a blockage in your sewer line, including using flushable wipes or roots growing into your sewer line. A plunger or a regular plumbing snake will not solve this problem. If you have attempted to clear the clog on your own and have not had success, the clog is likely in your sewer line. A plumber will need to determine what is causing the clog and then use a commercial plumbing snake or hydrojetting to remove the blockage. 

Your Plumbing Vent or Stack is Blocked

The final reason why your waste may not go down the toilet when you flush it is because your plumbing vent or stack is blocked. The plumbing stack or vent pulls in air and uses the air to create pressure behind water, that creates force when you flush your toilet. This is what helps to push waste and toilet paper down the drain. If the clog is blocked, you may not get the pressure you need to flush waste. If it seems like your toilet has lower water pressure, climb on your roof and check your plumbing vent or stack. Remove any outdoor debris in the vent to correct the problem. 

If you have a toilet issue that you are unable to resolve yourself, you should call in a plumber. A plumber can determine what the issue is, and then work to solve the issue. You may need to have an inspection done to determine the exact cause of the problem. Contact a plumbing service today to get the help you need and ensure your waste goes down when you flush the toilet. 


9 December 2019

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