Why You Should Hire A Plumbing Contractor Before Selling Your Home


If you will be having your home inspected before you sell it or for some other purpose, you'll want to make sure that various aspects of your home are in good condition. One area that you will want to have inspected is your plumbing. By hiring a plumbing contractor, your pipes will be ready for inspection and the home buyer will be more likely to say yes to the sale. There are several issues, in particular, you will want to look for.

Hot Water heater Issues

One of the services that a plumber will offer is a water heater inspection. The plumber will tell you whether you need a water heater installation and will perform this for you. A water heater typically needs to be replaced when it is about eight years old. 

As the hot water heater ages, it may develop leaks around the base of the tank. You may also choose to replace the water heater when the original hot water heater never really suited your needs. You may have needed a heater with a larger capacity. Other homebuyers may be less willing to purchase a home that has a water heater with insufficient capacity.

Plumbing Leaks

If your plumbing is leaking, the leaks can cause damage to your foundation and can be expensive to fix. You'll want to have your slab leaks fixed so that they will not interfere with the selling process. Fortunately, if you identify a leak early on, it's easy for a plumber to fix and less expensive.

Clogged Drains

Don't try to sell a home that has a clogged drain. Customers are much less interested in a home that they can discover any problem with. A clog might be a minor problem that could be corrected with an auger or it may require that sections of your pipes be replaced.

Outdated Pipes and Fixtures

Consider having your pipes fully updated. If your home is old, your pipes might not be in great condition. They may have even come from a time when lead pipes were still in use. Lead found in lead pipes can lead to potential health problems.

Even copper pipes are better replaced with pipes made from PVC because copper pipes will degrade more quickly. While hiring an experienced plumbing contractor might cost you money in the short-run, you'll sell your home faster and will not be forced to offer a discount.

To get your home in the best shape possible, contact plumbing contractors in your area. 


21 March 2020

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