5 Signs You Have a Leaky Pipe


Leaking pipes in the home can cause all kinds of problems. A leaking pipe can damage your floors, ceiling, and walls, which results in expensive repairs. Besides damage, a leaking pipe wastes water and increases your water bill. For these reasons, you will want to do everything you can to repair a leaking pipe. Sometimes, however, it's not obvious that your pipe has sprung a leak. This is why water leak detection is very important. Here are five signs you have a leaking pipe.

Your Walls or Ceiling are Discolored

If you notice your walls or ceiling are slightly discolored, you might have a leaking pipe. Sometimes discolored spots will also appear on various parts of the ceiling or on your walls. While discoloration of your ceiling or walls could also be signs of high humidity levels or poor ventilation, it's best to call a plumber. If it is a leaking pipe, your ceiling could begin to sag or your wall could become unstable.

You Have Mold

Mold growth around your bathtub, or on the ceilings and walls in your bathroom, could indicate a leaking pipe. You might not see the mold, but if you have a musty smell in your bathroom, mold is probably hiding somewhere. If you're sensitive to mold, you might also experience certain symptoms, such as excessive sneezing, sore throat, headaches, or congestion.

You Find Wet Spots

One of the most obvious signs you have a leaking pipe is finding wet spots in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room where you use water. You might also notice wet spots on the exterior of your home. If it hasn't rained recently and you see wet spots around the exterior walls, you may have a leaking pipe.

You Have Cracks in the Foundation

It's normal to have some cracks in your home's foundation. These cracks are simply due to the foundation settling over time. However, if you notice a small crack has suddenly become larger, or a crack has appeared out of nowhere, it may mean you have a leaking pipe underneath your home's foundation. If it's your sewer pipe that is leaking, you might also notice cracks in the walls or floor tiles, displaced moldings, and sloping floors.

Your Meter Is Running

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe, one more water leak detection trick you can try is to shut off all the water in your home. If your meter continues to run, you probably have a leaking pipe and it's time to call the plumber.


30 July 2020

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