5 Ideas To Add Elegance To Your Wedding Portable Restroom Rental


Planning an outdoor wedding is not without its challenges. You have to be prepared for inclement weather, and finding the right venue that will accommodate all your needs, such as electricity, can be difficult. Portable restroom facilities are another concern, and thankfully, many sanitation service rentals now offer more than the standard one-piece molded plastic shell. Instead, deluxe models, complete with premium hardwood flooring, porcelain sinks, toilets, urinals, LED lighting, and oak vanities and trim throughout will make your rustic outdoor wedding feel like a black-tie affair.

3 April 2017

3 Ways a Plumber Can Help You Save Money on Your Water Bill


Water is becoming scarce in many parts of the country, and for many homeowners, this has lead to increases in water rates. This has made many property owners to consider what can be done to reduce water consumption. If you're curious about lowering your water bill, the following are only a few ways that a plumbing company can help you. Install a programmable sprinkler system If you already have a sprinkler system that turns on and off manually, it is easy to forget once it is running, and too much water is used.

28 February 2017

Leaky Garbage Disposal? Oh No! A Look At The Common Culprits


Have you noticed a growing pool of water underneath your garbage disposal? Sadly, this means you have a leak. While a leaky garbage disposal may seem like a serious issue on the surface, the truth is, this issue usually has a simple fix. You may not even have to call your plumber! Here's a look at the three most common causes of leaky garbage disposals and how to address each one.

24 February 2017