Quick Action Can Save Your Home From Water Damage From An Overflowing Toilet


Whether you rent your house or own it, you should know what to do when your toilet is overflowing. You need to stop the spillage of water fast, or you'll have a mess to clean up, and the floor or carpet on the other side of the bathroom door could be water damaged. Here are things to try when your toilet is overflowing. Stop Water From Draining Out Of The Tank

21 February 2020

3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Pipes


Modern plumbing systems are a network of pipes, fixtures, and valves. If any of these components fail, your plumbing system may not be able to function properly. Pipes are one of the most overlooked elements in a plumbing system because most pipes are out of view behind walls or beneath floors. Repiping your home is costly, so you should be proactive in extending the life of your pipes in the future.

27 January 2020