What You Should And Shouldn't Flush Down Your Toilet So You Can Prevent Plumbing Clogs


Toilet clogs can be a major nuisance. It's frustrating when a toilet backs up and spills water on the floor, and it's very inconvenient to have a toilet in your house out of service. A major cause of toilet clogs is the type of products you flush. Wet wipes, in particular, can cause the toilet line to clog up, but anything that won't dissolve fast, such as paper towels, diapers, and menstruation products will clog up the line too.

28 September 2020

Signs Of A Failing Water Pressure Regulator


The water pressure regulator is an important part of your home's plumbing system. Not only does this regulator ensure continuous water delivery, but it also ensures that the delivery is safe for your family, as well as your home. When there is a problem with this regulator there is a lot that can go wrong, and it is important to have this valve repaired. Discover some of the signs that typically indicate the need for a repair.

27 August 2020

5 Signs You Have a Leaky Pipe


Leaking pipes in the home can cause all kinds of problems. A leaking pipe can damage your floors, ceiling, and walls, which results in expensive repairs. Besides damage, a leaking pipe wastes water and increases your water bill. For these reasons, you will want to do everything you can to repair a leaking pipe. Sometimes, however, it's not obvious that your pipe has sprung a leak. This is why water leak detection is very important.

30 July 2020

Don't Get Stressed: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Renting Portable Toilets


If you're like most people, you've had to make some changes to your summer plans. Luckily, most places are opening up enough to allow for some social gatherings. If you're planning a social event this summer, make sure you provide proper sanitation measures. That includes renting portable toilets. If you've never rented portable toilets before, you may have some questions. It's actually a good idea to ask questions when renting portable toilets.

6 July 2020

A Safety Guide For Natural Gas In The Home


Gas is a common way to fuel appliances in the home. It's typically delivered safely from a municipal source via gas lines. Although natural gas is typically safe, sometimes a leak can occur. The following guide can help you understand why and what to do in the event of a leak. Which appliances typically use gas? Natural gas can be used to fuel many of the appliances in your home. In most suburban and urban homes, gas is used primarily for the furnace, hot water heater, and possibly the stove and oven.

22 May 2020

The Basics Of A Residential Plumbing System


The more you understand about the plumbing system in your home, the more of an understanding you will have about the importance of treating it right. Also, you will be able to catch problems faster when you have a basic understanding of the system and you may be able to prevent small problems from becoming very big ones. Here is some information that you should know about your plumbing, so you have a good idea of how everything works.

24 April 2020

Why You Should Hire A Plumbing Contractor Before Selling Your Home


If you will be having your home inspected before you sell it or for some other purpose, you'll want to make sure that various aspects of your home are in good condition. One area that you will want to have inspected is your plumbing. By hiring a plumbing contractor, your pipes will be ready for inspection and the home buyer will be more likely to say yes to the sale. There are several issues, in particular, you will want to look for.

21 March 2020

Quick Action Can Save Your Home From Water Damage From An Overflowing Toilet


Whether you rent your house or own it, you should know what to do when your toilet is overflowing. You need to stop the spillage of water fast, or you'll have a mess to clean up, and the floor or carpet on the other side of the bathroom door could be water damaged. Here are things to try when your toilet is overflowing. Stop Water From Draining Out Of The Tank

21 February 2020

3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Pipes


Modern plumbing systems are a network of pipes, fixtures, and valves. If any of these components fail, your plumbing system may not be able to function properly. Pipes are one of the most overlooked elements in a plumbing system because most pipes are out of view behind walls or beneath floors. Repiping your home is costly, so you should be proactive in extending the life of your pipes in the future.

27 January 2020