What is a Septic Tank?

Protecting Your Plumbing From Pesky Clogs

Your home’s sewer system transports water and waste out of your home, but if it gets clogged up, it can cause some serious problems. Not only is backed-up or clogged plumbing extremely messy and smelly, but the cost to get it repaired can be very expensive. While it’s sometimes impossible to prevent all types of clogs, there are a few things you can do to minimize the odds of a clog happening.

Watch What You Dump and Flush

Of course you will toss toilet paper in the toilet, and small food scraps will inevitably go down the kitchen sink. But too much or too large debris will definitely cause a problem. Avoid flushing things like paper towels and sanitary products down the toilet, as they can easily clog the drain line. What you dump into the sink can also be detrimental to the main sewer line and your interior plumbing. Never dump things like bacon or pan grease down the drain. Instead, pour it into a mason jar or an old jelly jar and seal it up. Hardened grease is one of the most common reasons for a drain clog. This also goes for other food related items as well. If it’s too big to be chopped up easily by the food disposal, throw it in the trash instead.

Other Issues

Tree roots can also cause problems with your sewer line. Over time the roots can extend down and either hit the line, or actually grow right into it, causing serious issues. It’s almost impossible to know when a tree root will reach your line since it’s underground, but this is still something homeowners should be aware of. Older sewer lines can also collapse due to wear and tear. This can cause a backup in the line and a big mess in your front yard or in the road. Lines can also crack or rust, which will also cause issues.

How to Fix It

A simple drain clog at the source can easily be fixed using a plumbing snake. This long, thin device can reach down into drains and plumbing lines and loosen up any debris that might be stuck there. You should not use harsh chemicals to unclog a drain, since they can cause more harm than good by eating away at your pipes. If you have a stubborn clog, call a clogged sewer professional who can determine the cause of the issue and who knows how to fix it safely. Professional sewer repair companies can use a special device with a small camera at the end that goes directly into your sewer line to see what the actual problem is so they can better assess what can be done to fix it.