What is a Septic Tank?


About the Problems of a Gas Water Heater

Does your gas hot-water heater not produce hot water as it once did? Several areas of a gas water heater can lead to it becoming problematic. You will either need to get a problematic part on the heater repaired or replace it altogether. Below, you will discover some of the types of problems that can […]

A Few Common Drain-Cleaning Questions Answered

Taking caring of the drains in your home is essential for helping ensure that your plumbing system continues to work as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, it can be fairly common for new homeowners to have a limited understanding about this aspect of maintaining the house. To help you be better prepared when it concerns your […]

Do You Really Need a New Electric Water Heater?

If your home’s electric water heater is having a problem, then you are likely wondering if it is time for a repair or a replacement. The good news is that many common water-heater problems do not require that you purchase a new water heater. In fact, unless the tank of your water heater has developed […]