What is a Septic Tank?


How To Change Your Washer’s Supply Hoses

The hoses that supply the hot and cold water to your clothes washer may have been quietly doing their jobs for many years without any issues. Why should they be replaced if they show no obvious signs of wear or leaking? Unfortunately, supply hoses may not show bulges or minor leaks before bursting and spilling […]

Getting Your Septic Tank Through The Rainy Season

Access to indoor plumbing is a modern luxury that many people take for granted. If your home relies on a septic system to carry waste away from your home, you know how important it can be to ensure that your system is working properly. Heavy rainfall that completely saturates the ground can pose a problem […]

Have Funny-Tasting Tap Water? What To Know

Does something taste funny when you get water out of the sink, and you’ve noticed that some of your clothes or appliances are staining? If so, it sounds like you have a problem with the water in your home and how pure it is when it comes through the lines. It doesn’t matter if you […]

Protecting Your Plumbing From Pesky Clogs

Your home’s sewer system transports water and waste out of your home, but if it gets clogged up, it can cause some serious problems. Not only is backed-up or clogged plumbing extremely messy and smelly, but the cost to get it repaired can be very expensive. While it’s sometimes impossible to prevent all types of […]

Three Strange Sounds Your Water Heater May Be Making

Water heaters are often viewed by homeowners as mysterious entities that aren’t meant to be understood, so if you hear an unexpected sound coming from your water heater, you may be understandably nervous. Educating yourself on the potential noises your water heater might make is a good move, because it can not only help you […]